The County Board of Supervisors, since the 1950’s, has required candidates for the Santa Barbara County Auditor to meet certain qualifications (CA Government Code Section 26945):

1. Possession of a California Certified Public Accountant (CPA) License or be a Certified Internal Auditor.
◊ California Certified Public Accountant (CPA) – License #70139, issued 1995

2. Hold a degree in accounting.
◊ California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Accounting Concentration – 1991 Graduate

3. Serve as the county auditor, chief deputy county auditor, or chief assistant county auditor.
◊ Assistant Auditor-Controller (2 years) \ Chief Deputy Controller (2 years)

Other Qualifications:
◊ 2 years as a CPA and the Assistant Auditor-Controller, I fulfill and represent the basic tenets of independence, objectivity, and the required professional ethics of the Auditor’s Office for financial related issues

◊ 26+ years of professional work experience in government & private sector

◊ Committed to the office, the county, the community – I have lived and worked in Santa Barbara County for 35 years.

◊ Strong team builder and team leader (I have successfully applied W. Edwards Deming’s Process Improvement & Management Philosophies)

◊ Proven ability to think critically and provide an alternate perspective

◊ Proven ability to get things done with a realistic, yet positive temperament

◊ GFOA Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO), #590, issued 2015.


Local Government and Schools

County of Santa Barbara Auditor-Controller’s Office – 15 Years
◊ Assistant Auditor-Controller
◊ Chief Deputy Controller
◊ Internal Audit Chief (interim)
◊ Division Chief Financial Reporting Budget & Cost
◊ Division Chief Operations (Financial Accounting & Customer Support, and Payroll)
◊ Financial Systems Analyst
◊ Accountant-Auditor

City of Santa Barbara Finance Department (Accounting Manager)
◊ Santa Barbara City College Business Services (Business Process Manager)
◊ Santa Barbara School Districts (District Accountant)

Private Sector

◊ Simpler Systems (Accountant & Project Manager)