◊ Helped to lead and manage the County internal audit that uncovered an embezzlement scam that had been occurring over several years
◊ Helped to restart public Budget Workshops at the County
◊ Organized the Mission County Fiscal Study report, which showed revenues and expenditures for southern and northern county
◊ Completed a Housing Finance audit, which identified sources of funding for housing programs and how they are used within the County

◊ Served as an accounting instructor for beginning, intermediate, and advanced accounting policies and procedures at the County Employee University
◊ Several years of experience managing accounting operations – accounts payable, general ledger, payroll
◊ Managed the preparation of financial documents – financial statements, budgets, cost plans
◊ Developed many policies and procedures on the accounting treatment of various types of transactions
◊ Helped lead significant budget document and process changes over the years

◊ Forbes 7 part blog series – wrote the original story that this 2015 Forbes Blog series was based on, which tells the dramatic history of the Auditor-Controller’s Office back to 1991 when Robert W. Geis was first elected.
◊ Project leader for the implementation of many County and other Agency computer systems – Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Parks Reservation System, Student Timesheet System, Student Information System (financial module), many financial reporting systems
◊ Part of original Financial Information Network (FIN) team that built the County’s current financial system. Personally performed the technical development of FIN reports.

◊ Proponent of the quality, process improvement, and management philosophies of W. Edwards Deming
◊ Lead the New Auditor Training and Development (NATD) program in the Auditor’s Office, which has had over 70 participants. I was in the first NATD class in 1991.
◊ At the request of professional organizations, I have given presentations on how the Auditor-Controller’s Office completes its comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) so quickly. Santa Barbara County is the fastest publisher of its CAFR out of all California Counties.
◊ Involved in all countywide Auditor systems, which provides the financial framework for all Auditor customers – schools, special districts, and departments